Major Overhaul of Agile Web Technologies Website

We’ve just completed a long overdue redesign of our company website along with a matching theme for this blog.  We like the new design a whole lot more than the old one.  We hope you do to.

Due to Mozilla’s support for CSS border radiuses, the site looks best in Firefox and the other Mozilla variants.  Chrome is okay as well, although the smoothness of Chrome’s borders is questionable, at least compared with Mozilla’s.  In IE, due to MSFT’s lack of CSS border radius support, elements of the site are somewhat boxy looking,  at least to our eyes.

We’re not providing any support whatsoever for IE versions older than version 6.x.  If you’re still using IE5, you really might consider updating to a browser released sometime after 2000. We’re just saying…

We’d love to get your feedback about the site, so don’t hesitate to drop us a note via our contact page.