Add Fresh And Relevant Content To Your Website Using A Blog

Many small businesses have what’s known in the trade as a brochure website which is a web-based version of the traditional printed company brochure.  Most brochure websites contain pretty much the same stuff you might see on a printed brochure including the company logo, contact information, hours of operation, and information about the the company’s products and services. 

A brochure website is typically appropriate for businesses with a relatively small and unchanging set of products and services.  Because the products, services, company logo and contact information don’t change very often, the website content itself doesn’t change very often.

Unfortunately, this lack of change at a website can lead search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to consider the website stale.  This perception of staleness causes the website to appear farther down in search results.  There are many other factors involved in search engine ranking, but all other things being equal, the longer your website goes without change, the lower it’s search engine ranking will drop.  This is a bad thing if you actually want visitors to come to your business website.

If you want to improve your search engine ranking, it helps to add new content to your website fairly often.  Once per week or more would probably work.  Every day would be even better.  

One way to get new content onto your website is to pay a web designer to incorporate your new content for you.  However this could get pretty expensive unless you have a full-time web designer on staff. 

A better way is to get new content onto your website is to integrate a blog into the website.  With a blog, virtually anybody at your company who can use a computer can create new content for your website almost as easily as using a text-editor.

A blog makes it very easy for you or your employees to contribute “articles” that will appear at your website.  Blogs have built-in editors where you can type up the article, insert images, videos, hyperlinks and so forth.  If you know how to use a text editor or word processor, you know how to use a blog.  Once you have blog incorporated into your website, anybody (with the proper permissions) can contribute blog articles which will show up to search engines as completely new content at your website.

It is important to understand that you must incorporate the blog directly into your business website so that search engines associate your blog articles as fresh new content at your website.  In other words, the blog articles must appear under your business website’s domain name just as this blog article appears under our domain:  That way, search engines will consider your blog articles as part of your business website.

In future articles, I’ll get into more details about blogging, including some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your blog.  In the meantime, if you are interested in having us add a blog to your website, you can contact us by clicking here.